What Private Clouds and Cloud „Youngsters“ have (not) in common

you aren’t Young when you’re not Young at heart … pretending to be flexible, agile and spontaneous does not work; you either feel and live it or you’d fail.

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What is a Cloud „Youngster“? For the benefit of this post I will use the term for those traditional IT providers moving into offering Cloud services. And I am mainly talking about Enterprise Cloud providers; i.e. those who want to transform themselves from being an Enterprise hosting and outsourcing partner to a (public) Cloud provider for large enterprises.

So, what is this commonness about?

The question raises as Cloud „Youngsters“ typically evolve from some elephant-like organizations who’s processes serve the purpose of utmost control of their IT’s consumption. Myriads of personal take proper care of exactly what happens when with which portion of the IT, when used through an application of one of their customers who – in a long enduring engagement process – outsourced their stuff to the IT provider (the „hoster“). And this scenario is actually not that much different from how IT is provided internally to a company’s…

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